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Welcome!  Thank you for stopping by.   Please, send me a message with any questions you might have.  I'd love the opportunity to assist your child in their educational goals.  
Site updated September 9, 2023

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Unbelievable Tutor's Mission Statement

Unbelievable Tutor is committed to excellence in education.  Lisa tailors her tutoring and or piano lessons to meet each student's needs.  She teaches her students in a way that makes learning engaging, understandable and fun.

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Students  Acknowledge:

content understanding and knowledge as a result of tutoring.   A direct quote from a student, "I understand fractions much better now because you helped me." 

Parents Report:

increase in their child's confidence level as well as remarkable improvement in subject areas where tutoring is needed.


Lisa Ledyard
cell: (520) 561-9402

Parent Testimonials

Parents of Piano Students

#1 This is the first extra curricular activity that my child absolutely loves.  My child was involved in soccer, girl scouts, gymnastics and it was always a fight to get her to go to her scheduled sessions.  Piano is totally different.  She practices everyday and is up and ready to go to piano lessons.

#2 I overheard my daughter playing this AM and was surprised.  I hadn't heard her play this song (which I recognized) and so advanced from even a few months ago.  Thank you!!!

#3 We love Ms. Lisa!!!! My child looks forward to weekly lessons.  she has made it so fun and exciting for my little one.  Reasonably priced as well.

Parent of a Math Student

If you have not heard this lately... you are amazing.  This morning my daughter said, "I love math"... this is a kid who would not go to school last year because of her math aversion.  Thank you!!

Prior Student

(from my teaching days in the classroom Class of 2012)

We love Ms. Lisa!! Her spunk and enthusiasm makes learning fun and enjoyable.  She was my teacher back in 2000-2001 and will forever be a part of our lives.  She knows how to work with all different kids and she truly enjoys what she does!  I highly recommend her to everyone.

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In my blog you can read the letters of recommendation I've received from many of my clients.

Reading Together


When a student achieves a goal it is a milestone in their educational journey and I am honored to be a part and celebrate each step with both my students and their family.

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Math and Geometry Tools


The advantage of one to one tutoring is that each student's session is catered to their personal learning style.  It is not a one shoe fits all in my teaching strategies.  Teaching a student that their learning style is unique and to embrace their strengths is significant and contributes positively to their confidence levels.

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A student's journey to educational success is a step by step process.  Setting small achievable goals that are attainable within a short amount of time is paramount to setting a student up for success.

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