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About my Tutoring Business

I am a sole proprietor and tutoring is my sole source of income as it is my livelihood and I pay taxes as a good American Citizen does. I am a cancer patient and receive chemotherapy treatment every three weeks.  There are times when I am not feeling well due to side effects from treatment and in this case I will cancel and give you credit towards the following 4 sessions of tutoring, or if you are wanting to reschedule I can make time in my schedule if not during the week then on the weekend.  Most of my tutoring is in person in my home.  I do have some students who are tutored via Zoom and others on FaceTime.  If you are coming to my home for tutoring, please be prepared to wear a mask as I am immune compromised.

Tuition for Tutoring is:

$40.00 per 1 hour session.

Tuition for Piano lessons is:

$30.00 for 30 minutes 


$45.00 for 60 minutes

Preferred Payment Schedule for Tutoring or Piano Lessons

It is expected that you will pay for 4 sessions in advance.  

If you are having 3 or more sessions (3 hours) during each week you do have the option of paying for the week in advance or the month in advance.

Alternative Payment Schedule

If you are unwilling to pay one month in advance for tutoring, payment is expected 24 hours before tutoring session is scheduled.  I charge $55.00 per hour for pay as you go.  Last minute cancellations can be rescheduled if my schedule has availability but credit will not be given if reschedule is not requested or isn't available.


It is expected that you will provide me with the dates your child will not be available for tutoring at least one week in advance so that I can make the slot available for other students.  In this case you would only pay for days of tutoring in that particular month that your child will receive tutoring.


It is expected that you provide me when possible with 24 hour advance notice of cancelation.  If you need to cancel, reimbursement will not be given however you can reschedule to make up for the canceled session.

Late Cancelation

If you cancel tutoring before tutoring on the day scheduled you will not receive credit for last minute cancelation.


Understandably, we all have emergencies at one time or another.  I will accommodate as best as I can.  In the case of emergency, there is no advance notice and when possible we will reschedule for a later date to make up for the session/s lost.  In most cases there are not emergencies once a month or every other month.  If you have 3 last minute cancelations in three months time your child's spot will be given to the next student on my waiting list for that particular time slot.

Accepted forms of Payment

Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, Check, Cash.  

For Homeschoolers

I am an ESA approved Vendor

(Credit Card is also an option but with it is a processing fee for credit card transactions.  The fee is 2.9% of the total plus an additional 30 cents.)

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